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Oct 8, 2012 5:00pm EDT
in some metro stations. those ads by the pro-israeli american freedom defense initiative refer to a war between civilized man and, quote, the savage. metro has requested a delay, but a judge ruled in favor of free speech. >>> let's fast forward to the weather. >> looking at showers, and of course, the cloud cover we've seen all day long across the region. any shower activity will be on the light side, unless you live along the i-81 corridor. we've seen moderate and steady rain, but the rest of us will see shower activity. very cold air for this time of the season. >>> well, he's a little banged up, but after a frantic search, murray is found. the woman who was walking him was assaulted in northeast d.c. but he's back with his family. good old murray. darcy spencer is here now with the big reunion. >> wendy, murray's owners had all but given up hope of finding him. but a social media campaign yielded results. he had been hit by a car, but doctors say he'll be just fine. >> he's going to be okay. >> he's walking with a limp, because of a dislocated elbow he suffered after being hit by a c
Oct 11, 2012 5:00pm EDT
. minnesota, finally cracks a swarming redskins defense. wade wilson with the pump fake. then 23 yards downfield to a wide-open leo lewis, we're tied at 7. late second quarter, dexter manley is the man bringing down wilson in skins territory. knocking the vikings out of field goal range. one of eight sacks on the day for the burgundy and gold. >> they felt i was a weak link. that's great. because i think that that motivates me. i think there was no question i had to rise to the occasion. but the whole football team played great. i think we made the big plays. >> a lot of times i was getting off the ball quicker than my man, because he couldn't hear the cadence. all i was doing is looking down the line and i could see the ball being snapped and i would take off then. the 12 men really made a difference. the fans were great. >> reporter: the "d" sets up the offense in the third quarter. wilson's pass is deflected. kaufman brings it in. skins turn it into a field goal and a 10-7 lead. >> anytime you make a play in a championship game, or any championship game, it stands out. i just thank
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2